there are magical solutions…

Humanity is in a supercharged period of evolutionary change. We know that we’re in a time where the species of humanity is evolving. Something is happening. Something is shifting, changing. Our DNA is being activated.

A significant part of the solution to our well being can be found in the sacred knowledge from indigenous cultures. For instance, one of the world’s largest pharmacies is the Amazon. Some of the medicine people of the Amazon are master pharmacists and have great knowledge of the many plants. These plants have the power to heal us on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. This has been a rough ride, and I mean individually and collectively. Gregg Braden, author of “Deep Truth”, has said that there have been more crises in the 1900’s to present day than in the last 5,000 + years. Depending on where you live in the world, you can imagine how these times have affected you, your loved ones and your community. War, sexual abuse, the economic crises, disease and illness, addiction to name a few. Ravaging families and communities.

I could have been paralyzed and bedridden. There are solutions for you no matter what you need to clear within your being and physical body. It takes great strength. You have it within you. Trust yourself. It has not been easy for me in some moments. I have felt great despair.  It takes great courage. Be strong. There is help out there. There are spiritually gifted people in all our communities around the world. What God does for some, he can do for all of us. We have to reach up, go within and ask for help.

I want to share some aspects of my healing path.

1.  Dr. Grossman who was my acupuncturist is a healer and takes people down to Peru to the upper Amazon. I took part in his medicine ceremonies and have taken ayahuasca around eleven times. Each ceremony was profound and powerful.

2. Michael Ortiz Hill has taken many trips to Zimbabwe over the years to be initiated by a Bantu medicine man named Mandaza and became a nganga which is a Bantu name for medicine man. He initiated me on the path of “the water spirits” during three ceremonies in March of 2011. My symptoms left within a couple of weeks.

3. In Bantu medicine dreams play an important role in diagnosis and provide significant information for one’s healing. I have had powerful dreams since I was a child. When I had my first symptoms in November 2004, I was experiencing powerful reoccurring dreams. One reoccurring dream had me waking up in the middle of the night terrified of a substance that was in the air coming through our windows and doors that was going to kill my daughters and I if we didn’t take immediate action. I would sleepwalk and find myself outside on the driveway trying to escape the danger. It was real and vivid. Another one at that time was of me becoming blind. It was terrifying and felt real in my dream state.

4. On 11-11-11 I had a guest visiting, Houman Emami, who is an extraordinary man and medium from a Sufi lineage. He went on a walk with my daughters, and I stayed at home. I was in the kitchen cleaning up and dropped a glass. I knew that I was suppose to stop cleaning, and I sat on my bed to meditate. Houman works with the ascended masters and angelic realms in his energy transmissions, so having him as a guest activated something special for me that day.

During the meditation I saw myself in another time period and century. It was around the time when Christianity thought specific spiritual gifts were evil in Great Britain of today. I was a female, aristocratic and had close ties to the leaders of the kingdom. The people in the village and kingdom were sick with a serious illness. I knew that the government and people in power created them being seriously ill. I knew how to get them well. The people in power became aware that I knew how to get them well, and I was sent off to a prison cell after their awareness of my knowledge. I received a huge gift that day with Houman’s visit.

I truly believe we live in a society that has been controlled by various agendas that are not watching over our well being. Our air, water, soil and food are being poisoned by specific programs and corporations. Although that is the truth, it is, also, true that there are extraordinary individuals and organizations all around the globe that are providing support and solutions for our individual and collective good.

You can change the structure of your food and water by your intent. When you put a high state of consciousness into a field of energy, it affects the field. Nature has everything we need to be well. Diet is important. The more live foods you eat that are not contaminated or genetically modified, the easier it is to hold higher frequencies in your energy field. Being in a higher energy field, one is able to be in love rather than fear. Being in a field of love is what actually heals you.

There are out of the box solutions for each and every person. They do not have to be the same for each person. You have to let go and trust, and be open to solutions beyond your imagination. I believe in magic. I believe in miracles. There are other realities beyond the veils that we don’t see. I use the words “magic” and “miracles”, but for instance, a Bantu medicine man or woman sees it purely as cause and effect. In other dimensions and in more advanced civilizations instantaneous healing is a way of being.

At the start gate believe you as a spirit are well, fully healed and that your body, mind and emotional self can return to wholeness through your consciousness. If you don’t believe you can, ask for help from the highest realms of existence to believe and know deep within yourself.

Everyone has their own unique path. Some people are meant to die when they do. I continue to remind myself to keep letting go, surrender and allow God’s will. What I do know is that there is the possibility to be well for each and every person on the planet.

your own individual healing path

When I was looking online for people who had been seriously ill who got well, I was living in NYC. I met with Dr. George Kessler on the upper westside who had helped Kate Milliken get well before I returned to Los Angeles. Since I would be living in Los Angeles, I had to be open to another solution that I didn’t know about yet. With the symptoms and diagnosis I had I was open to whatever I had to do to get well. In my wildest dreams I had not imagined where my healing path was taking me. I had a clean lifestyle of daily meditation, yoga and organic fruits and vegetables. Indigenous medicine paths?! I was thinking of going on a raw food diet like so many had to get well, or wasn’t there a doctor like Dr. George Kessler in Los Angeles?

Before I share with you my road of healing I want to express how important it is to have a clear mind, so you can keep your mind open for hunches that will guide you. You must act on your hunches. I had been meditating for years beginning in my 20’s, but right after I was diagnosed as I was sharing with family and friends, a close friend directed me to an acupuncturist who mentioned in an email a man who taught meditation in NYC. I felt drawn to go to his introductory night even though I had been doing a form of meditation for years. His name is Light Watkins, and he lives in Los Angeles. The type of meditation he teaches I can do anywhere, anytime! And it is powerfully effective. I needed a meditation that is easy, simple, no fuss and is practical that I could do sitting in my car while my daughter was at soccer practice, on the subway or sitting in the lobby of a hotel. I needed a meditation practice that would help me clear my mind like taking a mental shower. I needed something powerful to help me let go of stress on my road of healing.

I have, also, been fortunate to have been on the spiritual path that Elizabeth Gilbert was on in “Eat, Pray, Love”. It is a path of deep, powerful beauty, serenity and spiritual gifts.


my story: diagnosis + symptoms

I was in NYC January 2010 when I walked into the dept. of neurology, and Dr. Kristen Babinski told me I had demyelinating lesions on my spine and in my brain. “C2, C 4-5, T5-6, T8-10 with the largest in the right frontal region in the left parieto-occipital region.” She mentioned that a couple of the lesions were bright which meant they were most likely new from the past 6 months. I had a spinal tap which had me lying down for a week. I felt alone. It was winter. Dr. Babinski suggested with great intent I get on a medication of my choice, and expressed although I was managing quite well, I could be paralyzed from the neck down.

I first had symptoms in November 2004. I had a chest cold one weekend, and the following Monday, I woke up, and my feet were tingling. Over the next few weeks that followed I became 50% numb from my feet to my chest. It was an ascending numbness. I asked for help in my prayers. I took out wheat, dairy and sugar.  I ate fresh, organic fruits and vegetables. It went away. Every time I had a flu, a cold or a soar throat, the numbness would return. I did the same thing, and the numbness would disappear.

At one point I had outside influences that were affecting my body. I would later discover in Bantu medicine from Zimbabwe that I was a water spirit person which is someone with great sensitivity, empathic in nature, a vivid imagination and has an active dream life. I started having a balancing issue where I would tilt to the right, my right optic nerve and eye started showing signs of trouble, my head was throbbing which is a sign of inflammation, my lower legs below my knees became like volcanoes erupting, and there was a tightening in my feet that felt like someone was pulling a large band around them.

I left a situation that was a significant component to my stress, and I went into deep grief. I cried everyday. I cried a few times a day. It was like Niagra falls was activated within me and poured out of me. I started losing usage of my right arm and hand. That’s when I made arrangements to go get the diagnosis. I had an MRI, a spinal tap and a full battery of blood work. My knees were weakening, and I did not have the energy and vitality of a healthy person.

I returned to Los Angeles. I would get so tired that I would just have to lay down, or wait a minute or two to get out of the car. I started feeling new symptoms in and around my spine in my back, and that’s when I thought I have to find a way to get well. It was terrifying noticing the symptoms increasing. There were a few times I forgot to put my car in “P”. One time I got out of the car, went inside my house, came back outside to get something out of the car, and the car had rolled back into a gulley! Then, there were other times where I would drop a glass out of my hand with no signal informing me.

I was extraordinarily fortunate to have generous, deeply caring people come into mine and my daughter’s lives. Those specific individuals will stay in my heart forever.  It takes a village!!!



Ngiyanemukela (Zulu), bienvenidos (Spanish), yokoso (Japanese), swagatam (Nepali), mauya (Shona). welkom (Dutch), huanying guanglin (Chinese/ Mandarin). selamat datang (Indonesian), witajcie (Polish), svagat hain (Hindi) and cead mile failte (Irish/ Gaelic), a hundred thousand welcomes!!!

Wherever you are in the world, you have a powerful spiritual force within you and have the power to create wellness. There is help for you.

I believe in possibility where the solution can be found in the “I don’t know. I have no clue.” category! You don’t have to know HOW you will get well. You only have to believe and know deep within yourself it’s possible. It can be terrifying for the person who has an incurable disease or who is seriously ill. When I was diagnosed with MS, it was surreal. Me? MS? What?! I was terrified, but somewhere deep inside me, I knew I could be well.

I began looking online for individuals who had been seriously ill or had a degenerative or an incurable disease that found a road to wellness. Four people in particular who had MS and got well gave me hope and inspired me to move foward on my individual path of healing. Dr. George Jelinek from Austrailia, Robert Trincellito from NYC, Michael Ortiz Hill from Los Angeles and Kate Milliken who lived in NYC and now lives in Arizona. They each got well in different ways. There is not one road. There is a solution for you. It is, possibly, beyond your imagination in the unknown. The answers for your healing will reveal themselves to you.

I want my website to be a place where people who are seriously ill or have a disease can go to get the hope and inspiration I received when I was diagnosed that moves them in the direction of their individual healing.