Elizabeth McElroy/ Anjika

Founder of the in the clear channel, a global community dedicated to a planet free of disease and illness. She is committed to people all over the world finding their own doorways into new realities and crossing bridges in consciousness where they find their own solutions and roads to wellness.

Creator and executive director of mama owl media, offering media that informs and inspires people to take action on important social issues and in their own lives.

An innovator, writer and explorer of consciousness.

Anjika's new memoir, Swimming Toward The Sun, One woman's adventures to wellness through the Amazon and Zimbabwe, is available on Amazon and Kindle. After being diagnosed with a serious, degenerative disease (I don't like to say the word! :-)) and a threat of melanoma Anjika shares her extraordinary, magical experiences of healing.

She receives plant medicine from the upper Amazon, spends three nights with a medicine man being initiated into the ngoma of the water spirits, a Bantu medicine path from Zimbabwe, receives energy transmissions from a mystic born into a Sufi lineage and has a renowned healer from the Aboriginal people of Australia sitting next to her in a medicine ceremony. The wisdom from indigenous people around the world have solutions to our personal and collective healing as a global community. Her story has the power to reawaken our belief in returning to wholeness and wellness.

She is, also, the author of The Land of Ahz: The Yellow Brick Road Guide for Dispelling Pain During Childbirth, where she journeyed in consciousness and experienced no pain. She is a powerful advocate for revolutionizing the way we bring LIFE into this world.

She is currently writing her second memoir in a series and lives in Dallas and Kauai.

There are magical solutions.

Posted on: 2012-11-15 23:58:48

Humanity is in a supercharged period of evolutionary change. We know that we're in a time where the species of humanity is evolving. Something is happening. Something is shifting, changing. Our DNA is being activated.

A significant part of the solution to our well being can be found in the sacred knowledge from indigenous cultures. For instance, one of the world's largest pharmacies is the Amazon. Some of the medicine people of the Amazon are master pharmacists and have great knowledge of the many plants. These plants have the power to heal us on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. This has been a rough ride, and I mean individually and collectively. Gregg Braden, author of "Deep Truth", has said that there have been more crises in the 1900's to present day than in the last 5,000 + years. Depending on where you live in the world, you can imagine how these times have affected you, your loved ones and your community. War, sexual abuse, the economic crises, dis...

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